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Quality Content Delivers Better Performance

Genesis is the only video SSP with Page Intelligence that provides transparency into the publisher environment and user experience, creating a more complete picture of each ad opportunity. Find out how to filter inventory, use page indexes and match content to audiences.

Quality Matters Most

Direct. Buy direct publisher inventory from Genesis as verified with ads.txt.

Filtered and Verified. Buy pre-filtered, fraud free ad inventory verified by three of the most trusted third party technologies.

High Performing. Deliver ads to the best performing publisher pages by using proprietary Page Intelligence data. Target specific content and URLs, not just the primary domains.

Viewable. By using better page level data, advertisers can identify and purchase highly viewable inventory verified by MOAT.

Exclusive. Buy exclusive inventory from publisher specific, KPI specific and content specific private marketplaces.

Publisher Specific

Example: Life & Style

KPI Specific

Example: High Viewability

Content Specific

Example: Sports

Adaptive Formats™ by Genesis

The Genesis SSP powered by Page Intelligence™ improves the performance of outstream video. The platform tests and selects one of multiple formats on the fly, adapting to how the user is consuming the content. The ad format that drives optimal user response for the specific page will be served. By finding the best experience for each page, Adaptive Formats are expanding quality video inventory across the most engaging publisher pages which leads to better advertising performance.

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