Genesis SSP Powered by Page Intelligence™

Using Publisher Data in New Ways to Improve Video Advertising

Everything Publishers Need From an SSP

Intuitive Performance Reporting for Greater Insight
Third-party data Integrations to Measure the Quality of Publisher Supply
Fraud Filtering to Protect Publishers and Earn the Trust of Advertisers
Real-time Bidding, PMP and Deal ID Capabilities to Manage All Deals in One Place
Multi-screen Video Support to Maximize Ad Opportunities on Desktop, Mobile and OTT
Page Level Yield Optimization to Drive Higher Revenue

Page Intelligence™Page Level Data Delivers More Ad Dollars

  • Collect user behavior and attention data on every page (URLs), not just the domain
  • Create indexes for page attention, trending content, expected ad performance, and more
  • Informs dynamic ad format selection and placement

Adaptive Formats™Genesis Ad Formats are Built to Learn

The Genesis SSP powered by Page Intelligence improves the performance of outstream video. The platform tests and selects one of multiple formats on the fly, adapting to how the user is consuming the content. The ad format that delivers the optimal user response on a specific page is served. This creates a preferred ad experience for the user while improving performance.

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