Genesis Media Increases Inventory Quality Standards with New SSP

Genesis Media Increases Inventory Quality Standards with New SSP

Company Integrates New Third Party Fraud Filtering and Improves Content Transparency

NEW YORK, Nov. 16, 2017/ PRNewswire/ – Genesis Media, a leading publisher platform and analytics company, announced today the company expanded its quality tools for publishers to better protect advertisers:

  • Increased Pre-bid IVT Filtering. The company has natively integrated one of the most trusted third party verification vendors into its publisher platform. The technology verifies an ad opportunity is human prior to reaching an auction or advertiser.
  • Enhanced Pre-bid Content Filtering. Integrated third party vendors categorize all content and automatically filter out content that is unacceptable to brand advertisers including adult content, alcohol, hate speech, illegal downloads, illegal drugs, offensive language and violence.
  • Page Intelligence. In conjunction with the recent merger, the company is also leveraging its own page intelligence data to confirm the quality and attention of pages ads are running on. This allows publishers to better merchandise their most engaging content and advertisers to target pages with high consumer attention. This verification goes beyond the root domain to the specific page URL.
  • Advertiser Guarantee. The company added its fraud-free and viewability guarantees to all advertisers—both direct and programmatic. Advertisers can setup curated marketplaces and only pay for verified ad impressions based on specific campaign metrics.

By combining page intelligence with attention targeting and pre-bid traffic filtering for fraud and brand safety, the company has created a more holistic view of where ads are being delivered. Additionally, the company launched ads.txt capabilities in its platform to support direct publishers.

Mark Yackanich, CEO of Genesis Media says, “It’s no surprise that advertisers are becoming increasingly selective on where they are spending their video advertising budgets. They seek partners they can trust and inventory that performs. Advertisers can buy with confidence with our approach—we work directly with high-quality publishing partners, use data to evaluate the quality of the environment and verify inventory through the most trusted third party vendors.”

Over the course of the past year, the company has aggressively removed suppliers based on scoring from its own analysis and third party data from four fraud vendors. Josh Feuer, COO of Genesis Media added, “We continue to double-down on investments to support direct publishers’ businesses. In addition, we are focused on building products and data services to benefit both our enterprise partners and premium publishers.”

About Genesis Media

Genesis Media is the first company to connect user behavior, content analytics and programmatic advertising in one platform. The Genesis SSP analyzes how individual pieces of web content are consumed by people, leveraging this data to create viewable video ad experiences that are best suited for each page and each device. With programmatic technology, high-quality inventory is packaged into private marketplaces and direct deals benefitting buyers and sellers. Premium publishers, leading national advertising agencies and programmatic buyers rely on the company’s technology to accurately quantify the true value of publisher content and reduce waste for brand advertisers.

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