Genesis Media Introduces New Pricing Model for Fully Viewed 6-Second Video Ads

Advertisers Only Pay for Bumper Ads That Are Viewable from Start to Finish, Based on Moat Measurement

(New York, NY) – December 06, 2017 – Genesis Media, a leading publisher platform and analytics company, has announced a new pricing model that guarantees advertisers viewability for the full duration of 6-second video ads. The name of the marketplace is Cost Per Viewable Six (CPv6).

The new CPv6 pricing model is the first of its kind to ensure advertisers are only billed for ads that are viewed from start to finish. The growth in popularity for short format ads and improvements in viewability measurement provided the right timing for the market. Viewability of the ads will be measured by Oracle’s Moat.

“We’ve always been believers in shorter video creatives for many reasons,” says Genesis Media CEO, Mark Yackanich. “It creates a better experience for users and is still highly effective for delivering a brand message. Unfortunately, there are market forces that don’t incentivize advertisers to use 6-second ads. It’s time to provide brands a modern pricing model with CPv6 and break the traditional TV mold of 15 and 30-second ad lengths.”

These short-form video ads are preferred by publishers looking to drive revenue without disrupting user experience, especially in mobile environments. Significantly higher completion rates and lower skip rates validate the effectiveness of these shorter ads. Genesis further enhances the ad placement by finding highly engaging inventory using its Page Intelligence™ data.

The new strategy is another step towards solidifying the place of 6-second video in the market, following announcements touting these “bumper ads” by large media companies in both TV and digital. In a recent news validating the effectiveness of the format, YouTube found that 90 percent of advertisers saw a lift in ad recall after it tested 300 mobile bumper campaigns. It is fast becoming a new standard in video advertising due to changing consumer habits.

Campaigns based on CPv6 pricing are available immediately in the Genesis platform. For more information on how to access this inventory, contact

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