Audiences Value Content. Advertisers Should Too.

Understanding How Content and Inventory Work Together to Drive Revenue

A More Complete Set of Data and Tools to Reward Publishers for their Most Valuable Asset — Their Content

1. Understand Your Inventory

Inventory is more than a space on the page. Page Intelligence™ analyzes how users interact with pages and surfaces a publisher’s most engaging content. Page level data gives publishers a clearer view of the quality of content and its impact on ad effectiveness.

2. Create New Inventory

Publishers can instantly create new ad inventory with Genesis Adaptive Formats™—the most flexible outstream solution in market. The platform uses Page Intelligence Data to dynamically match the right video ad format for each page, boosting performance and creating better experiences for users. It’s light, cross-device and built to learn.

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3. Merchandise Your Inventory

With better data and new ad inventory, publishers can distinguish their supply and streamline selling. Easily create private deals to get the most from premium content or sell to hundreds of advertisers through the programmatic marketplace.

Direct Deals

Private Marketplaces and DealID

RTB Exchange

How Does Page Intelligence™ Drive Revenue?

  • Media Optimization

    Automate matching of demand to pages to improve fill and target pages for specific KPIs to boost ad campaign performance.

  • Format Selection

    Adapt your formats at the page level to improve retention, completion, and performance.

  • Content Insights

    Quality and attention scores and trending content based on traffic and attention.

  • Packaging

    Create page-targeted PMPs based on attention or other metrics.

  • A New Level of Transparency

    Pass your page metrics in the bidstream to let advertisers see the quality of your content.

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