More Intelligent Video Advertising User behavior, content analytics and video advertising working together in one programmatic platform.

Content Before Advertising

The most valuable resource online is quality publisher content. It’s news, editorials, articles, posts, musings and videos that attract the attention of billions of people everyday on their phones, tablets, computers and televisions. The reality is, publishers aren’t adequately rewarded for the creation of this content and not all pages are created equal. That’s where we come in.

Genesis is the first video SSP to blend Page Intelligence™ with programmatic advertising to help publishers create and sell video inventory.

Page Intelligence™ Drives New Revenue

Genesis SSP brings together the right data in one place to illuminate the quality and value of publisher pages. By collecting data on how readers consume and interact with specific content, publishers can:

By connecting Page Intelligence directly to an SSP, publishers can finally be rewarded for their most valuable asset—their content.

Genesis Media Introduces New Pricing Model for Fully Viewed 6-Second Video Ads

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